EDI - document exchange

Automated ordering

Automated ordering

Simplify your business processes significantly with EDI electronic document exchange.

Do you want to place your orders quickly and also save costs? EDI electronic data exchange is the ideal solution.

Your advantages

  • Documents are available at all times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Significant reduction in costs by eliminating paper documents
  • Internal processes are made quicker – thanks to direct electronic data transfer

Electronic linking of enterprise resource planning

EDI (electronic data interchange) is an agreement governing the electronic transmission of business processes.

It means that you exchange formalized and structured data with your business partners.

Formalized data

Formalized data is data where the order and format in which information appears is defined precisely.

Significant potential savings

The key advantage for you is that your administration costs can be reduced significantly by automating and simplifying processes.

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