Inspiring solutions

Inspiring solutions

Keep yourself up to date: find out for yourself about our innovative technological solutions.


  • Advanced Shielding Technology
    Advanced Shielding Technology

    Absolutely secure shielding of M8 and M12 connectors using the unique shielding concept – Advanced Shielding Technology from Phoenix Contact.

  • Connection technologies
    Connection technologies

    Our connection technologies are designed for the reliable transmission of data, signals, and power.

  • Device protection
    Device circuit breakers

    Device circuit breakers enable you to provide individual protection for your operating equipment. As such, only those areas are protected which are affected by overload.

  • Functional safety
    Functional safety

    Functional safety reduces risks that can emanate from machines. Phoenix Contact explains how you can integrate safety into your application in accordance with standards.

  • High Power Charging technology
    High Power Charging technology

    With High Power Charging technology from Phoenix Contact, you can charge an electric vehicle battery for a driving range of 100 km in just three to five minutes.

  • Industrial communication standards
    Industrial communication

    The new technologies TSN, SPE/APL, and 5G, together with further developments in the field of OPC UA, form the cross-manufacturer communication standard of the future.

  • Industrial identification
    Industrial identification

    Permanent, clear marking of all relevant components such as terminal blocks, conductors, cables, or even equipment.

  • Industrial Wireless
    Industrial Wireless

    Discover the possibilities of industrial wireless systems for your application.

  • Lightning monitoring system
    Lightning current detection

    For early detection and evaluation of lightning strikes, the LM-S lightning monitoring system is available. The following pages will show you how the system works and the possible areas of application.

  • PCB mounting
    PCB mounting

    Here you can find out about the areas of application of the different mounting types as well as their requirements and advantages.

  • PLCnext Technology
    PLCnext Technology

    PLCnext Technology forms the basis of the new, open control platform from Phoenix Contact.

  • Power supplies and UPS
    Power supplies and UPS

    Phoenix Contact Power Supplies GmbH brings together expertise in the field of power supply technologies at its Paderborn site.

    PROFICLOUD from Phoenix Contact

    PROFICLOUD is the professional cloud solution for industry.


    The real-time Ethernet system – from the specialist in the field of industrial communication.

  • Relay technology
    Relay technology

    Innovative solutions for relay systems.

  • Surge protection
    Surge protection

    Phoenix Contact is a pioneer in the development of surge protective devices.

Those who want to take on a technologically leading role, must be able to make an essential contribution to current trends and development. As far as Phoenix Contact is concerned, innovation is a path-breaking bridge into the future. We provide the best connections from the sensor to the controller. From the classical modular terminal block over splash-proof machine plugs and wireless Ethernet up to safe controller solutions: innovations that perform better than you expect. Take a look at what advantages our technologies have to offer.

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