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Secure remote maintenance opens up huge potential in terms of additional services for manufacturers of machine and production systems. With mGuard technology, Phoenix Contact offers a solution that you can easily integrate into your machines and systems. Furthermore, with the mGuard Secure Cloud, you also receive a hosted, ready-to-use, secure portal for cloud-based remote maintenance.

Your advantages

  • VPN infrastructure with IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) for operators, machine builders, and system manufacturers
  • Secure and reliable, thanks to industry-proven mGuard technology
  • Compatible with all mGuard security appliances and certified VPN clients
  • Cloud-based remote maintenance with the mGuard Secure Cloud

Secure remote maintenance of machines worldwide – Scalable with the mGuard Secure Cloud

Industrial remote communication with mGuard Secure Cloud  

mGuard Secure Cloud

Secure online remote maintenance of your machines with the mGuard Secure Cloud: the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of data transmitted between devices is ensured by IPsec VPN connections. The hosting service, operated in Germany, makes the cloud available worldwide.

VPN gateways to the mGuard Secure Cloud

Secure remote maintenance of machines  

TC Cloud Client VPN gateway

As VPN gateways, the TC Cloud Clients connect machines to the mGuard Secure Cloud securely over the Internet. They provide an inexpensive basis for the scalable remote maintenance of machines. Customers can choose between TC Cloud Clients which use operator networks and versions which use global 4G-LTE mobile networks for cloud communication. The TC Cloud Clients are configured via the mGuard Secure Cloud and are ready for immediate use in the machine.

The TC Cloud Clients have one digital input and one output. This means that service connections to the mGuard Secure Cloud can be established and signaled as required.

Secure industrial remote maintenance

mGuard mobile routers  

High-speed communication with mGuard mobile routers

mGuard products provide you with tailored security components for your remote maintenance solution. These robust industrial security appliances include firewall, routing, and VPN functions to protect against malicious cyber attacks and inadvertent malfunctions.

mGuard devices with integrated mobile communication interface are available as an option, thereby also enabling secure communication via 4G mobile networks (LTE).

The new generation of security routers now also supports high-speed data links via mobile 4G networks (LTE) in the USA.

With that, the mGuard product portfolio now includes versions for European 4G mobile networks, versions for AT&T (USA), versions for Verizon Wireless (USA), and versions without mobile communication interface.

IP-based remote maintenance via the Internet

Secure remote maintenance via the Internet and mobile network  

IP-based remote maintenance via the Internet

The Internet can be used as a worldwide medium for remote maintenance and servicing in machine building and systems manufacturing. Firewall and VPN technology help make using the Internet for IP-based remote maintenance more secure.

This means that service technicians around the world have a straightforward, cost-effective, and above all secure way of accessing production systems.

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Secure communication

Remote services with the mGuard Secure Cloud

TC Cloud Client

Configuration with the mGuard Secure Cloud

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