I/O systems for the control cabinet (IP20)

I/O systems for the control cabinet (IP20)

Reliable and flexible communication

Transmit input and output data reliably and cost-effectively – with I/O systems for the control cabinet.

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Whether using any common bus system and network or a system-integrated controller – you can communicate quickly and cost-effectively thanks to advanced I/Os. The versatile IP20 range provides reliable protection for your data and signal traffic, allowing you to design your systems for every possible area of application. The transmission speed, functions, and structure can be configured according to your requirements.

Your advantages

  • High measuring accuracy, lower cycle times, and better control quality, thanks to extremely short response times
  • Flexible use, thanks to a wide range of functions and various designs
  • Increased system availability, thanks to reliability even under the most adverse conditions

Axioline F – Fast, robust, easy

Axioline F is open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols  

Axioline F is the Ethernet specialist for the control cabinet

Axioline F is the modular I/O system for the control cabinet. Open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols and available in various designs, Axioline F offers maximum flexibility. 

With Axioline F, you can transmit data in real time from the I/O level to the controller – the system is particularly resistant to interference and safe when it comes to EMC. Various safe I/O modules can also be used to acquire and output safety-related signals.

Save time when connecting sensors and actuators, and benefit from easy handling.

Axioline P – Connecting PROFIBUS PA to PROFINET

Modular proxy with PROFIBUS PA segments  

Modular proxy with PROFIBUS PA segments

The Axioline P modular proxy can be used to connect PROFIBUS PA segments directly to a PROFINET network. Various redundancy mechanisms ensure high failsafe performance and process reliability.

Extend the station in modular way with up to eight proxy outlets for connecting PROFIBUS PA segments.

Inline – Greater flexibility

With Inline, you benefit from complete flexibility thanks to the wide range of functions  

Inline – wide range of functions and tailored number of channels for greater individuality

Inline is the flexible all-rounder designed down to the last detail for use in control cabinets. You can arrange your automation functions according to your specific requirements from a wide range of I/Os and function terminals for all common fieldbus systems and Ethernet networks.

Thanks to the slim overall width, you can extend your station using a minimal amount of space. Safety applications or I/Os for potentially explosive areas can also be easily connected and integrated.

Stand-alone IO-Link master

IO-Link master for the control cabinet  

IP20 stand-alone IO-Link master

The stand-alone IO-Link master is used to connect IO-Link devices. In addition, up to eight standard sensors can be connected to the IO-Link master via digital inputs.

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