DC charging controllers for fast charging stations

E-mobility charging controllers for semi-public and public applications.

Intelligent control for fast charging processes

Our freely programmable controller for CCS and CHAdeMO charging stations.

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Our DC charging controller is the intelligence behind modern charging stations for the fast charging of electric vehicle batteries in accordance with IEC 61851-23. The controller communicates with the vehicle, monitors the charging process, controls parameters such as the charging current, and optionally performs additional tasks, such as visualizing the process on an operator panel. Its 3G modem enables convenient remote maintenance. In addition to DC charging, the controller also supports an AC charging point.

Your advantages

  • Two independent charging points (AC and DC) with just one controller
  • Flexible use with free choice of programming in accordance with IEC 61131
  • Reduced programming work with pre-assembled function blocks for vehicle communication in accordance with DIN SPEC 70121
  • Easy system integration with comprehensive interfaces
  • Convenient remote access via integrated cellular modem
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001

Wide range of possible applications with free programmability

EVCC Professional  

The EVCC Professional is programmed using ready-made function blocks in PC Worx

The EV Charge Control Professional charging controller can be freely programmed for your individual charging application in accordance with IEC 61131. This makes it a versatile charging controller for the widest possible range of applications.

Furthermore, you can reduce the engineering work required with the ready-made PC Worx function blocks for vehicle communication in accordance with DIN SPEC 70121.

Additional products for DC charging stations

Extensive portfolio for fast charging stations  

Extensive portfolio for fast charging stations

Take advantage of our large portfolio for setting up powerful DC charging stations or complete charging parks.

Along with DC charging controllers, we also provide the appropriate charging cables, power electronics, and software for DC charging.

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