Barrier connection

Barrier connection

In combination - quick and easy

Wire your conductors conveniently with ring cable lugs and easily and quickly with Push-in.

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Work comfortably: With the BT barrier terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact, you can connect conductors safely and conveniently. In combination with the Push-in connection technology, the screw connection principle with spring-guided screw makes wiring quick and easy. BT barrier terminal blocks are available for
DIN rails or direct mounting.

Your advantages

  • Free choice of connection technology – meet requirements for internal and external wiring at the same time thanks to different connection methods in a single terminal block
  • Flexible setup in your application, thanks to various mounting options: DIN rail mounting or direct mounting
  • Convenient ring cable lug: Connection using the screw-on connection principle with spring-guided screw; maintenance-free with integrated screw locking
  • Easy and tool-free direct plug-in thanks to Push-in multi-conductor connection
  • Simple potential distribution with time-saving jumper system, maximum overview thanks to large-surface marking
  • Safety for users thanks to integrated touch proofness
  • Reduction in logistics costs with the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories

Free choice of connection technologies

The BT barrier terminal blocks are available with various connection technologies and as hybrid versions. Combine the connection technologies and benefit from the individual advantages for the control cabinet and field connection.

BT connection options
Convenient ring cable lug connectionCan be combined conveniently, easily, and quicklyMultiple conductors, one connection point

Connect two conductors with ease with the space-saving feed-through terminal blocks. Whatever you are looking for: The cross section range, flexible bridgeability, and optimum labeling options make feed-through terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact the universal connection technology solution.

Wire your conductors conveniently with ring cable lugs and easily and quickly with Push-in. With hybrid terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact, you can combine connection technologies and benefit from the individual advantages for the control cabinet and field connection.

Multi-conductor terminal blocks allow you to distribute potentials at low cost while also saving space. Do you have a variety of conductor types or conductor cross sections? With Push-in multi-conductor terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact, you can connect up to four conductors with individual wiring at each terminal point.

Mounting types: DIN rail or direct mounting versions

BT mounting types

Screw connection principle with spring-guided screw

Convenient ring cable lug connection  

Convenient ring cable lug connection

Convenient and safe ring cable lug connection:

  • Convenient conductor connection thanks to captive and spring-loaded connection screws
  • Automatic screw centering thanks to optimum guidance in the terminal housing
  • Vibration-proof and maintenance-free screw connection thanks to integrated spring washer
  • Simple multi-conductor connection
  • Considerable conductor pull-out forces due to a high contact force and large contact surfaces

Push-in connection technology

Push-in connection technology  

Push-in Technology

Easy application – high-performance connection:

  • Direct, tool-free conductor connection for solid conductors or conductors pre-assembled with ferrules
  • The special spring profile enables easy insertion of conductors with ferrules of 0.25 mm² or greater combined with maximum conductor pull-out force
  • The push button permits easy conductor release using any type of tool, without direct contact with live parts
  • For connecting stranded conductors of 0.14 mm² or greater without ferrules, the button must simply be actuated during insertion

Top quality

Reliable connections – that's our aim. The quality of our products is the key. This starts with the selection of materials.

Metal parts made of copper alloys that are resistant to strain cracking and corrosion:

  • No electrolytic corrosion due to humidity
  • Safe electrical contacts
  • Minimal heating, thanks to good electrical conductivity

Insulating housing made of elastic polycarbonate with high impact strength:

  • Recyclable, halogen-free and UV resistant
  • Good tropical and termite resistance
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to +130°C
  • Dimensional stability and good heat distortion resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent aging characteristics
  • Certification according to UL 94 for flammability rating V0


Push-in terminal blocks

Terminal blocks with Push-in connection  

Push-in terminal blocks

The PT range of terminal blocks with Push-in connection technology give you the right terminal block for every task, from 1.5 mm² to 150 mm².
Various terminal block ranges ensure every application's requirements are addressed, such as in the railway industry, in energy technology, or for explosion-protected areas in the process industry.

The terminal blocks make use of the advantages of the CLIPLINE complete system. This includes the free combination of all connection technologies and the standardized system accessories.

Push-in connection technology – consistent from the field to the controller

The comprehensive Push-in product range from Phoenix Contact enables you to wire your entire application quickly and easily.

Push-in strip with barrier

Push-in - the new insertion experience

A complete product range is available for every stage of your product, from field wiring through to power and control wiring. You can easily connect sensors and actuators, terminal blocks, and interface and automation components without using any tools. Push-in – the original from Phoenix Contact.

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BT barrier terminal blocks – safe in all applications

Maximum contact reliability even under extreme conditions.

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