Charging technology for electromobility

Charging technology for electromobility

Pioneer in electromobility

Phoenix Contact charging technology is setting new standards in electromobility.

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  • Charging systems

    AC charging cables, DC charging cables, and infrastructure socket outlets with corresponding hinged covers and holders.

  • Charging controllers
    Charging controllers

    Charging controllers for residential, commercial, and public charging, as well as residual current monitoring modules.

  • Charging management software
    Charging management software

    The EV Charging Suite combines all of the functions required for intelligent charging management in a single software package, thus optimizing the operation of your charging stations.

  • Charging technology sets
    Charging technology sets

    A combination of all required basic components for installing residential or commercial charging points.

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The charging systems and charging controllers from Phoenix Contact can be used for any everyday situation – for both fast DC charging and conventional AC charging. Use the right software to manage and monitor your charging infrastructure.

Your advantages

  • Wide range of applications, thanks to the diverse product range for international charging standards
  • Implement a wide variety of requirements in private, commercial, and public applications, thanks to charging controllers that can be configured flexibly
  • Optimize and control entire charging parks using intelligent software
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001

Find out about our comprehensive portfolio

We offer a complete portfolio for the entire charging process. Simply click on the hotspots to find out more.

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Charging systems

Reliable charging systems for all applications worldwide  

Reliable charging systems for all applications worldwide

Our charging cables, socket outlets, and vehicle inlets are setting new standards when it comes to supplying energy to electric vehicles.

Not only are they safe and reliable to operate, they are also easy to use.

With our High Power Charging technology, we are setting yet another milestone in the history of electromobility by reducing the charging time to just a few minutes.

Charging controllers

Flexible charging controllers  

Flexible charging controllers

You can operate any charging station with our flexible charging controllers – from a domestic AC wall box right through to HPC charging stations on the highway.

These devices monitor and control the electric vehicle charging process in accordance with internationally applicable standards and requirements, such as IEC, GB/T, and SAE.

Charging park management software

Software for intelligent charging park management  

Software for intelligent charging park management

The EV Charging Suite optimizes the operation of your charging stations, thereby ensuring their availability.

The scalable software forms the interface between the driver, backend provider, power grid operator, and charging park operator.

Tailored user roles, intuitive touch operation, and precise billing via OCPP complete the package.

Charging technology sets

Charging technology set  

Set up charging stations yourself with charging technology sets

Our AC charging technology sets are the perfect introduction to the world of charging technology for electrical engineers.

The sets contain all the necessary components to set up private or commercial AC charging stations – easily and single-handedly.

Thanks to the certified wiring diagrams, no additional development effort is required.

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