Axioline P – the high-availability I/O system

Axioline P high-availability I/O system

High availability with hot-swap capability and redundancy

Reliable and secure for high system availability.

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The high-availability I/O system consists of redundant PROFINET bus couplers as well as digital and analog I/O modules. With extended temperature ranges and hot swappable intrinsically safe I/O modules, Axioline P is designed to meet the demands of the process industry.

Your advantages

  • PROFINET redundancy as well as a redundant power supply for each PROFIBUS PA segment increase system availability
  • Hot-swap capability enables modules to be replaced without disconnecting the system
  • Intrinsically safe I/O modules enable the connection of sensors and actuators from zones 1 and 0
  • HART communication and NAMUR functionality intended for special applications in process automation
  • Efficient modernization of systems and the combination of proven fieldbus technology with today's and tomorrow's digitalization
  • The Axioline P modular proxy is part of the COMPLETE line system

Axioline P – the I/O system for the process industry

The interaction between the various innovative components enables a modular structure, thereby providing a future-proof solution for a wide range of system models.

Components of the modular proxy
1High system availability with support for PROFINET system redundancy
2Fast connection of PROFIBUS PA segments using fieldbus power supply modules
3Easy integration of standard and intrinsically safe I/O modules
4Hot swappable local bus system for superior availability
5Consistent use of Push-in connection technology
6Standard and intrinsically safe I/O modules can be directly combined
7Corresponding shielding set for the easy connection of shielded cables

Superior availability

Axioline P I/O system in the control cabinet

The Axioline P I/O system guarantees maximum availability for your application. The hot swappable local bus enables the replacement of existing modules from an Axioline P I/O station without having to switch off the system. The electromechanical design of the bus socket means that you can actually remove several modules from the station simultaneously without disrupting local bus communication.

Reliable communication up to zone 0

Connection options of sensors and actuators  

Intrinsically safe communication up to zone 0

Axioline P can be connected directly to a distributed control system (DCS) in the form of a remote I/O system. PROFINET system redundancy is supported, which ensures very reliable communication between the I/O station and DCS.

The Axioline P system may be installed in zone 2 and allows the direct connection of sensors and actuators from zones 2, 1, and 0.

The portfolio includes important functions for process automation, such as analog input and output modules for HART communication as well as digital input modules for connecting NAMUR sensors. This enables you to integrate intrinsically safe modules into the I/O station without additional components.

Cost-effective system modernization

Integration of sensors at the modular proxy  

Up to eight PROFIBUS PA segments per station and integration of old sensors, such as HART or Modbus/RTU

The modular station communicates with a PROFINET controller, e.g., a distributed control system (DCS), via a bus coupler. As an option, you can connect up to eight PROFIBUS PA segments to the individual proxy outlets in a compact way. To ensure the individual segments are immune to interference, appropriate shield connection technology is available.

PROFIBUS PA sensors are connected directly to the modular Axioline P proxy.

Proven fieldbus technology, such as HART or Modbus/RTU, can therefore be integrated into PROFINET networks. This is done using PROFIBUS PA gateways that are connected to the modular Axioline P proxy.

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