Phoenix Contact Cyber Security GmbH in Berlin

Made in Germany

Center of expertise for industrial cyber security.

Phoenix Contact Cyber Security GmbH designs and develops innovative technologies for secure communication in manufacturing and process automation. Well over 1000 customers trust the mGuard technology to protect against cyber risks. These arise from increased networking and automation within manufacturing and throughout the whole value chain.

Pioneer of industrial cyber security

Our company began as Innominate Security Technologies AG, the pioneer of the industrial firewall and originator of the mGuard product and solutions portfolio. Founded in 2001 in Berlin, we have been a center of expertise for industrial cyber security since 2008 as a 100% subsidiary of the Phoenix Contact Group. The company is situated in the Berlin-Adlershof science and innovation site, one of the most modern technology parks in Europe.

Technology and competence providers

Security products  

Security products for use in the industrial environment

Our company's products and solutions are used to secure industrial networks and remote maintenance via the Internet.

Phoenix Contact Cyber Security GmbH offers you the following range of services:

  • Development and maintenance of the high-performance mGuard software system, which is the basis for industrial cyber security products and solutions.
  • Definition and development of technologies and software components for the reliable integration of automation components in Industrie 4.0 architectures.
  • Development and operation of a portfolio of secure automation cloud services.
  • Support for industrial operations in the design, implementation, and operation of cyber security solutions.

With our in-house development team we offer expertise in the core areas of Industrial Ethernet and security, embedded hardware and software development, and the integration of security components.

Our services are distinguished by a high level of innovation, technical sophistication, high quality, and reliability.

IT Security made in Germany

TeleTrusT quality symbol IT Security made in Germany  

IT Security made in Germany

Our products and solutions meet the requirements and bear the protected TeleTrusT quality symbol “IT Security made in Germany”. This seal certifies that

  • our company headquarters are situated in Germany
  • we offer trustworthy IT security solutions
  • our products have no hidden access points
  • our company's IT security research and development takes place in Germany
  • we have to satisfy the requirements of the German Data Protection Law

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