PHOENIX CONTACT Power Supplies GmbH in Paderborn

Leading in technology

The center of excellence for power supply technologies.

Phoenix Contact Power Supplies GmbH brings together expertise in the field of power supply technologies at its Paderborn site. Both standard power supply units and customized solutions are developed here and sold via the Phoenix Contact global sales network.

Innovations for your success

Experienced development team at Phoenix Contact Power Supplies  

Experienced development team at Phoenix Contact Power Supplies

Reliability and durability are essential conditions for the development of power supply units. Our experienced developer group's expertise is incorporated here – as reflected in the selection of components, for example.

Our unique selling proposition: we integrate functions into our devices to provide long-term benefits to our customers. They make our devices easy to use and at the same time, protect against high follow-up costs. For example, SFB technology trips miniature circuit breakers quickly and reliably in the event of an error.

Combined expertise

Phoenix Contact Power Supplies in Paderborn  

Phoenix Contact Power Supplies in Paderborn

Aptronic AG, based in Bad Sassendorf, has been part of the Group since 2012. In April 2014, it merged with the Phoenix Contact Electronics power supplies BU based in Bad Pyrmont and now does business from the new site in Paderborn. 

The company's Executive Board consists of Georg Beretitsch, who is also spokesman for the Executive Board, and Dr. Mathias Emsermann.

Standard products and customized solutions

Power supply units from Phoenix Contact: standard products and customized solutions  

Customized development according to customer requirements

In addition to our standard product range, we also develop devices for medical, building, and network technology that meet specific requirements. They are also available as building-integrated solutions, e.g., for ATMs and industrial PCs.

Solutions for the future


Future-oriented solutions for power supply units

In the future, the requirements placed on power supply units will become even more diverse. On the one hand, new technologies are emerging due to the demand for intelligent products. Phoenix Contact has demonstrated its technological expertise here, inventing SFB technology back in 2007, followed by ACB and IQ technology in 2012. And on the other hand, devices must satisfy increasingly extreme requirements such as ambient temperatures as low as -40°C.

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