Tailor-made solutions

The center of expertise for operation and monitoring

Phoenix Contact HMI-IPC Technology GmbH develops and produces open system solutions for operation and monitoring of automation in machine building and systems manufacturing. For more than four decades, we have been combining all the core skills along the value-added chain at a site near Stuttgart in Germany, from development, to quality assurance, right through to manufacturing. Due to this, high-quality operating devices for standard applications and specific solutions are created, which are tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Quality from tradition

Phoenix Contact HMI-IPC GmbH manufacturing  

Modern in-house production

SÜTRON electronic GmbH 1968  was founded as a company that develops control technology and has developed into a leading provider of quality HMI solutions. Back in 2001, the Phoenix Contact Group of companies acquired a share in the company.

In 2008, SÜTRON electronic GmbH became a full subsidiary. As of 2016, the company has been active on the market as Phoenix Contact HMI-IPC Technology GmbH under the leadership of Executive Vice President Thorsten Behr, and is a specialist in operation and monitoring, a crucial center of expertise of the Phoenix Contact Group.

Customer-oriented development, modern manufacturing, and in-house quality assurance guarantee products that fulfill the highest demands in terms of precision and durability. Our operating systems are designed in such a way that they can be integrated into the production, automation, and company levels at any time. They excel, thanks to their quality, performance, and expandability, and can be connected to almost any controller on the market worldwide.

Individual solutions for many industries

Comprehensive range of touch panels  

Touch panels for indoor and outdoor use

Technical decision-makers from a range of sectors search for solutions for defined interaction between man and machine. With our range of keyboards and touch panels, mobile operator panels, and the corresponding application software, we can already cover many requests. If the right solution isn't quite there, we will develop this individually for you.

We provide automation solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, e.g., in machine building and systems manufacturing, process and building automation, foodstuffs technology, and the shipping industry. In line with the requirements of the respective industries, our products provide the required certifications and approvals.

Open for all requirements

Thorsten Behr, Executive Vice President  

Executive Vice President Thorsten Behr

“Our operator panels are just as unique as the customer.” The specific area of application and the ambient conditions are crucial. We analyze and scrutinize these, particularly if conditions are extreme,” says Executive Vice President Thorsten Behr of the product strategy at Phoenix Contact HMI-IPC Technology GmbH.

Is the display visible in sunlight? Are the housing surfaces resistant to chemical influences? Is the device suitable for very high or very low temperatures? Does it work even at high humidity? Does it correspond to high levels of protection, up to IP69K? Is it shockproof? Does it meet the highest hygiene requirements? Thorsten Behr: “These, and many other such questions, are just the sort of thing we ask ourselves on a daily basis. And we find the answers. Challenge us.”

Philosophy and corporate culture

Working environment at Phoenix Contact  

High-quality products are created in a good company climate

As essentially a medium-sized company focusing on engineering, we are characterized by an innovative, creative collaborative spirit. Our team consists of both young and experienced employees, working enthusiastically on developing innovative solutions in the area of Human Machine Interfaces.

Trust, openness, fairness, mutual respect, and intensive employee communication form the key components of our company culture. With us, people come first. We show this through investments and measures that contribute to a safe, healthy working environment.

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