Pioneers in fast charging technology

Pioneers in fast charging technology

We are the center of expertise for charging technology in the e-mobility sector.

Founded in January 2013, today Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH employs more than 250 people. Within the Phoenix Contact Group, it is the center of expertise in the field of charging technology for e-mobility. As a full-service provider, we develop and manufacture components and solutions for charging infrastructures as well as for vehicle charging interfaces. As an IATF-16949-certified company, we are a reliable automotive industry partner.

Products and solutions for charging electric vehicles

Electric car at a charging station  

Our product range covers the entire charging process

From charging stations to electric vehicles, our product range covers every aspect of the charging process. This includes charging cables, charging sockets and controllers for DC and AC charging of electric vehicles of all types.

We use the right charging management software and a wide range of additional Phoenix Contact Group components to create intelligent comprehensive solutions that allow for environmentally friendly charging with renewable energies.

Development of pioneering technologies

Cooled HPC charging connector  

High Power Charging makes e-mobility suitable for everyday use

As an innovation leader, we set new standards when it comes to establishing a powerful charging infrastructure suitable for everyday use.

The development of pioneering fast-charging technologies such as High Power Charging (HPC) will reduce charging times to just a few minutes.

In this way, we are making a significant contribution to the breakthrough of e-mobility and greater acceptance of it in our society.

Leaders in charging standards

CharIN and NPM logos  

We are members of CharIN and NPM

Alongside leading German automobile manufacturers and the TÜV Süd certification body, we are one of the founding members of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN). The aim of the organization is to establish the Combined Charging System (CCS), which we have played a key role in developing, as the global standard for fast charging of electric vehicles.

Furthermore, we are also represented by Phoenix Contact’s General Manager Roland Bent on Germany’s "National Platform Future of Mobility" (NPM). Within this platform, he is the Chairman of Working Group 6 (AG 6), focusing on regulation, standardization, certification, and approval.

The Executive Board

Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH Executive Board  

CEO Michael Heinemann (left) and COO Ralf Döhre (right)

Michael Heinemann has been CEO of the company since January 2019 and, as such, is responsible for development, marketing, sales, HR and controlling. He started his career at Phoenix Contact in 1992, and was more recently the CEO of Phoenix Contact Power Supplies GmbH.

Ralf Döhre is COO of the company and responsible for purchasing, engineering, production, the lab and quality. He has worked for Phoenix Contact since 2007 and has been a member of the Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH management team since 2013. He was instrumental in developing the company in his dual role of commercial director and production manager.

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