Our values

Enthusiastic and constructive

Enthusiastic and constructive

Whether with regard to products or relationships with customers, employees, and the environment: Phoenix Contact supports sustainable values.

Creativity and enthusiasm are positive and infectious. They are also the foundation for innovation – one of the values that is the basis for how we do business.

What's important to us

Innovation is the bridge to the future. It is therefore a decisive factor for our products and solutions, for handling your requirements, and for how we think.

Our guiding principle: your satisfaction with us, your enjoyment in working with us. This does not just apply to quality. It applies in every way.

We are going forwards. Even in difficult times. We are certain of this, having gained years of experience and enjoyed consistently positive cooperation with our customers.

Good partnerships stand the test of time. This is why we plan for the long term, have a sound financial basis, and invest in further training and the environment.

The basis for any successful relationship. We inspire trust by dealing with one another in an open and honest way.

We speak your language – especially when dealing with your requests and queries. And of course in our numerous locations around the world.

Service commitment
If you feel that your tasks are in good hands with us – then we've done our job properly.

What you can expect from us

Finally, our values provide the basis for products and solutions that also guarantee your success:

  • Innovation and quality are the cornerstones of technological progress.
  • Courage and reliability are enduring influences on our future.
  • Trust and proximity create partnership.
  • Sustainable economic management and the conservation of resources are duties we owe to future generations.

Let's shape the future together!

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