Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

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We acknowledge our social responsibility and make our contribution to sustainable development. Our involvement in the economy, ecology, and social affairs is underpinned by our values and our culture.


Our goal: reducing energy consumption

Our goal: reducing energy consumption

Research and development are highly valued at Phoenix Contact. Countless patents are testament to our desire to innovate.

We have created many products and solutions over the last 90 years. They help users to use energy efficiently, save space, costs, and time, and use new processes and materials. From an early stage, we have invested in renewable energy and future technologies, translating these into tangible products and solutions.


Our goal: environmentally sustainable production

Our goal: environmentally sustainable production

A careful and considered approach to using resources informs all that we do.

We use rainwater wherever we can. Geothermal energy and heat recovery are used to heat our buildings. We generate solar power for our manufacturing halls with photovoltaic systems. Our economical use of compressed air in machine building, lead-free production, and the recycling of valuable materials lessen our environmental impact.


Responsibility for family and society

Responsibility for family and society

We assume our social responsibility by enabling the solid, self-financed growth of our company and therefore creating secure jobs.

In projects such as the Aubikom project, we focus on equipping disadvantaged young people and migrants with the necessary skills for education and training. We provide support for education and training for young people at an early stage. We enable our employees to pursue lifelong learning with our extensive development program and offer family-friendly working models.

We are also involved in the community beyond the factory gates. We support charitable initiatives and promote art, culture, and sport through sponsoring.

Commitment from conviction

Commitment to social responsibility

Commitment to social responsibility

Our Code of Conduct sets out the key guidelines for our daily activities. In addition, we have chosen to affiliate ourselves with some major initiatives that support responsible engagement with people and the environment.

United Nations Global Compact

Since 2005, we have participated in the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations with the aim of shaping globalization socially and ecologically.

ZVEI – Code of Conduct

The Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) has recommended an industry-wide code of conduct regarding social responsibility, good working conditions, as well as social and environmental compatibility. We support these measures.


Description Language Updated
The PHOENIX CONTACT Group Code of Conduct [E-Paper] English 04.03.2021
ZVEI – Code of Conduct [PDF, 1.44 MB]
Code of Conduct for social responsibility
English 03.07.2018

“Klimaschutz-Unternehmen” association

“Klimaschutz-Unternehmen” logo

Member of the “Klimaschutz-Unternehmen” association

Phoenix Contact has been a member of “Klimaschutz-Unternehmen”, an association of companies that play a pioneering role in climate protection, since 2011. Ten years ago, it was the first electrical engineering company to firmly commit to the goal of climate protection and energy efficiency.

Along with nine other companies, Phoenix Contact has signed up to the collaborative project “Wege zum klimaneutralen Unternehmen”, with the aim of successfully achieving climate-neutral status at the Group’s locations in Germany.

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