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Process indicators and field devices – configurable temperature transmitters

The loop-powered temperature transmitters feature high reliability, precision, and long-term stability for all industries. Transmit RTD and TC signals as well as resistance and voltage signals with the aid of HART® communication and the 4 mA … 20 mA output signal.

Your advantages

  • Available in a DIN rail housing or as a head-mounted transducer for applications in a control cabinet or in the field
  • Freely configurable with intuitive software
  • Reliable operation with sensor and device monitoring with diagnostic information in accordance with NAMUR 107
  • Head-mounted transducers available with plug-on display
  • Explosion protection equipment through to zone 0

Main features

  • HART® communication
  • Output loop-powered
  • Universal input for RTD, TC, resistance-type sensors and voltage sensors (mV)
  • Installation in connecting head, form B (DIN EN 50446)
  • Installation in control cabinets (DIN rail housing)

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