Stage videos

The stage of the Phoenix Contact homepage is a positioning medium. The stage videos are targeted at a wide group that is more likely to take notice passively.

The stage takes the most prominent position on the homepage. It shows ten-second-long videos. The contents present the value and services of the Phoenix Contact brand.


Communication objectives

  • Visitors are impressed by the spaciously-designed platform.
  • The stage contributes to the enthusiasm of the visitor for technology, progress, and solutions.
  • Visitors are given the impression of a major international company that is spearheading technology worldwide.
  • The stage contents convey the variety and product depth of the company.
  • Visitors recognize which industry Phoenix Contact is active in.
  • Visitors are given the impression of the company culture.
  • Visitors gain an insight into which benefits are available from Phoenix Contact as a company.

Core messages

  • Phoenix Contact is a worldwide market leader for components, systems, and solutions in electrical engineering and automation technology.
  • Phoenix Contact is a driver of innovation.
  • Phoenix Contact products have the highest quality and an extremely high level of performance.
  • Phoenix Contact is a reliable partner.
  • Phoenix Contact is personally on site worldwide.

Design and chronological sequence

  • The stage video has a fixed length of ten seconds and tells a short story.
  • The main theme and the text are part of the overall communication.
  • A navigation target corresponding to the theme exists e.g., landing page or product page.
  • As positioning medium, the stage video has a simple, clear message.
  • The text included is simple and brief and one headline is usually sufficient.
  • The text says what is going on and contains the core message of the overall communication of the theme. In order for the text information to be clearly readable, it should appear for three to four seconds.
  • The main theme and the text can be seen at the end of the video for at least three to four seconds.
  • The call-to-action button can be seen at the end of the video for at least two to three seconds.
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  • Size: 928 x 400 Px
  • Length: 10 seconds
  • Format: H.264, CBR 0.85 Mbps, keyframe distance 100, MP4 (if strong compression artifacts occur, the data rate may be increased to 1.3 Mbps)
  • No audio
Image (non-flash devices e.g., iPhone, iPad etc.)
  • Size: 928 x 400 Px
  • Format: JPG (RGB)
  • Image with text and call-to-action button
Teaser image (platform navigation)
  • Size: 109 x 48 Px
  • Format: JPG (RGB)
  • Teaser text
  • Preview image without text and without call-to-action button
Metadata and further information
  • Title in English and the national language
  • Keywords in English and the national language
  • Description in English and the national language
  • Navigation target e.g., landing page or product page
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Each text is placed at the upper and middle part of the image, optionally on the right or the left of the main theme. The text is not covered by the superimposed dynamic stage navigation on the lower edge of the image.

Each text is aligned to the left. It does not cover the image motif. The call-to-action button is situated to the left under the text.

Headline: PxC Gill AltOneMT Regular 32 Px, #000000

Subheadline: PxC Gill AltOneMT Regular 26 Px, 19 Px, #000000

(China: PxC CN Hanyi, Japan, and South Korea: PxC JA KO)


Text animation:
Opacity of 0% to 100%, duration: 11 frames, keyframe2 with ease-in
Gaussian blurring from 20 to 0, duration: 16 frames, keyframe1 with ease-out, keyframe2 with ease-in


Call-to-action button:
The call-to-action button is not animated but hard cut. It is available as a video file.

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