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Directives for notation and layout

Notation directives

Notation directives
  • The notation is to be uniform worldwide
  • Headline: ESSENTIAL edition
  • This notation ‒ in English ‒ is always to be used for the headline
  • Subheading: Reliable products with standard functions
  • The subheading is always to be in the local language
  • Please use the word 'reliable' in English
  • The respective product categories ‒ for example power supplies, terminal blocks etc. ‒ are to be used for the description of product ranges advertised as a part of the ESSENTIAL edition range. The product names, for example Ecorline, are not to be used alone.
  • Example of how the product names are to be used: Ecorline relay

Layout directives

Layout directives
  • The design of the print documentation is to follow the same design scheme as that of the standard range products
  • Title design for product-specific brochures:
  • Headline: Product category as the title, always in the local language; for example power supplies, relays etc. ‒ do not use product names
  • Subheading: ESSENTIAL edition, always in English

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  • Directives for notation and layout

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