Vehicle signage

Electric cars with permanent signage

Vehicle signage for e-Up!  

Vehicle signage for e-Up!

  • Vehicle color: white
  • Signage: Electric car on the engine hood and tail gate
  • Front: spring green
  • Rear: bluish green
  • Doors: logo chain (see examples)

Trucks and vans

Truck signage  

Truck signage

  • Vehicle color: silver metallic
  • Signage: logo chain

The logo chain is 33 cm tall for all trucks and is positioned 45 cm below the top edge of the truck.

Shipping containers are the only exception: due to the uneven base, just the logo is used here.

The Phoenix Contact logo is also positioned on the wind deflector of the tractor unit. This can be up to 160 cm wide depending on the width of the deflector.

For vans, the size and position of the logo chain varies depending on the vehicle type (see example).

The Phoenix Contact logo is also positioned on the engine hood. It is the same height as the logo chain.


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