On this page you will find the PowerPoint templates of the Phoenix Contact Group and a PowerPoint file with instructions for use.



A PowerPoint template is now also available in 16:9 format but your PowerPoint will continue to start with the 4:3 master.

You can use the new PowerPoint master P 15a in 16:9 format by clicking on “File → New → My templates” and selecting the template file “Master 15a”.

If using 16:9 you need to redesign your slides. Unfortunately it is not possible to automatically adapt contents to the new format.

  • Use the new 16:9 template when creating a new presentation and want to integrate little or no content from previous slides.
  • Use the 4:3 template if you want to use an existing presentation and you only want to adapt, change or add a little content.

In this way, you can gradually make the transition from the 4:3 to the 16:9 environment yourself.

Before working with Phoenix Contact Group PowerPoint templates, please go through the respective User Manuals. These tips are a practical guide for designing your slides. For information about optimum design, refer to the Corporate Design.

If your local PowerPoint application is not available under “File → New → My templates” as described above from the start of 2016 please contact your local IT.

We hope you deliver many successful presentations with the new PowerPoint master.

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Christine Nolte-Dietrich

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