Designation of technologies and new products

Designation of new products, systems, and solutions

To mark new products, we use a new magenta-colored label. The following color definition applies:

  • 4-color-process: 1% cyan, 83% magenta, 0% yellow, 0% black
  • Pantone 225
  • RAL 4010
  • RGB 231/67/143
  • #e7438f

The new label contains the word “new” in the respective national language.

New label

The text is always lowercase. The font color is white. Exceptions with black font are defined and explained in the template of the respective medium.

The size of the new label is adjusted to suit the respective medium; the aspect ratio remains unchanged. It is defined in the relevant template.

It is important to ensure that the markings for new products are up-to-date for all media. This is ensured by a defined process. For printed matter in particular, the reader must be aware of the period for which new markings are valid in the document. This is ensured by including the date in the title, for example.

Designation of products, systems, and solutions with Phoenix Contact technologies

Products, systems or solutions which use one of the new technologies developed by Phoenix Contact are furnished with a uniform typographical designation.

Example technology designation

The term “connection” is being replaced by the respective technology names. The designation is always used in conjunction with a visualization, i.e., an image of the corresponding product, system or solution.

New technology designations are approved by Corporate Marketing. From a descriptive, English name, the reader can gain an understanding of the benefit or effect of the technology. The technology is explained in a public medium.

The size of the designation is adjusted suit to the respective medium. It is defined in the relevant template.

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