The logo consists of an image and text. Both elements always appear together.

The image may be used on its own only in exceptional cases, for example if the entire logo would be illegible when applied to a small product. Only Corporate Marketing, based at the head office in Blomberg, may decide to use the image without the text. The text must never be used without the image.

Always use the logo in a horizontal orientation.

The logo is to be set in black on a white or light-colored background.

Corporate Marketing must approve any exceptions whereby the logo is set in white on black or dark-colored backgrounds.

Furthermore, the templates of the media-specific standards also provide information on using the logo. The existing templates may not be altered.

Logo and slogan

The Phoenix Contact slogan “Inspiring Innovations” is derived from our mission: we create progress with innovative and inspiring solutions.
The slogan is used in conjunction with the logo and signal chain. It is left-aligned beneath the logo and set in the PxC Gill Alt One MT Bold Italic font.
The slogan appears in black on a white or light-colored background. If the logo appears in white on a dark background, the slogan is also shown in white.

If a low letter height is necessary due to limited space, the slogan does not have to be used in conjunction with the logo (example: business cards). The font size of the slogan must be at least 6 points.

The slogan may also be used without a direct link to the logo or signal chain where this is appropriate, e.g. on trade fair boards and panels.

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Signal chain

The signal chain intensifies the optical effect of the logo and may only be used in combination with the logo.
It consists of circles and ovals. Circles can be interchanged with ovals, whereby one or two of the same shapes can be placed next to one another. The asymmetrical design of the chain is important.

The colors must alternate between the company colors May green (Pantone 376 C) and blue-green (Pantone 320 C).

The height of the chain corresponds to the height of the logo. In the case of black and white objects, the signal chain should not be used. The signal chain is only used on a white background, so as to achieve the best possible effect.

The chain is infinite. This is clear to see from the oval section at the edge of the paper. The logo is integrated into the chain and is usually located on the right-hand side. At least five chain elements are required in order to preserve the chain characteristics.
Some media and printed matter require special treatment, for example PowerPoint charts, business cards, and web applications. These requirements must always be discussed with the head office in Blomberg.

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