Corporate Language

Corporate Language embodies Phoenix Contact's brand values on a linguistic level. Consistent brand representation guarantees recognition and thereby a competitive advantage. It gives customers a feeling of familiarity. 

Within the Phoenix Contact Group, various people write at different professional levels using different routines. All authors within the Phoenix Contact Group create texts based on the Corporate Language. All authors must have their work double-checked by a second person.

The writing conventions for Phoenix Contact apply within the framework of a uniform corporate image from publication, and are binding for all internal and external communication measures of the Phoenix Contact Group.

The three pillars of Corporate Language

  1. General, internationally applicable specifications for brand communication.
  2. Language-specific writing conventions: set of rules for company-specific styles. The spelling of the German source language serves as the basis for the writing conventions.
  3. Consistent terminology based on language-specific writing conventions.

Tone of voice

  • Phoenix Contact is always honest in terms of what is said and how it's said.
  • Our message is based on our accomplishments. We don't make promises we can't keep.
  • We list the benefits and advantages of our products without boasting.
  • Our texts speak to our customers and business partners on equal terms.
  • Technical language is used: clear, precise, factual, and high quality.
  • Our texts are not abstract and do not need to be interpreted by our readers.
  • Components, systems, and solutions are not humanized or assigned animal characteristics.
  • We only have a few seconds to convey our message. We therefore concentrate on succinct, relevant statements and avoid phrases.

The Phoenix Contact linguistic style

  • Is human, authentic, open, and clear
  • Explains complex subjects in a simple, comprehensible, and informative manner
  • Avoids unnecessary foreign words, internal terminology, and abbreviations
  • Uses uniform and approved terms

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