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The Phoenix Contact website uses two fonts, the Phoenix Contact Gill for headlines (only in font weight "regular") and Verdana (in two font weights) for all other purposes. The Phoenix Contact Gill will be implemented as Webfont.


Overview of font sizes and usage

TypeFontSizeLine spacingColorUsage
Big headlineGill, regular32 pixels36 pixels#000000

Headline on the stage of homepage or landing pages

H1Gill, regular26 pixels29 pixels#000000

First headline on the page (site identifier)

H2Gill, regular19 pixels24 pixels#000000All headlines of main content entities, shopping cart sum
H3Verdana, bold12 pixels20 pixels#000000Smaller subdivisions of one content entity, list headlines (e.g. product list)
H3 linkVerdana, bold12 pixels20 pixels#0098a1Link
Teaser headlineVerdana, bold11 pixels18 pixels#000000

Headlines in teasers

Teaser headline link

Verdana, bold


11 pixels18 pixels#0098a1Link
Teaser labelVerdana, bold, uppercase11 pixels18 pixels#000000

Teaser label only (e.g. "News", "Contact")

Copytext, bigVerdana regular12 pixels20 pixels#000000Content area, should not be used in tables or teasers
Copytext, smallVerdana, regular11 pixels17 pixels#000000Teasers, text within tables
Image captionVerdana, regular11 pixels15 pixels#000000Picture caption, tooltips
Form fieldsVerdana, regular11 pixels15 pixels#666a6eForm fields
Keyword highlightsVerdana, bold14 pixels #0098a1Search result list
Homepage stage navigationVerdana, regular10 pixels13 pixels#000000Homepage stage navigation text
ImprintVerdana, regular10 pixels13 pixels#666a6eImprint
Contact teaser – phone numberGill, regular17 pixels22 pixels#000000Contact teaser – phone number

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Christine Nolte-Dietrich

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