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Logo and signal chain

The main brand elements are logo and signal chain. On the website they have two forms of appearance:

  • Logo only: This version is used only in the print views or as favicon. On all main views of the website they are always displayed together.
  • Logo and signal chain in combination: This version of the brand elements is used on most of the views of the website. It is part of the standard header with main navigation and search function. The size of the logo and the signal chain is 426 x 30 pixels. The protected space around logo and signal chain is 24 pixels.

Logo in print layer

In the print layer the size of the logo is 152 x 38 pixels. The protected space left and right of the logo is at least 32 pixels. In the bottom and the top the protected space has 52 pixels.


The favicon has a size of 16 x 16 pixels.

Logo and signal chain – full width (pages without main navigation)

In case the standard header with main navigation and search function is not used (e.g. for landing pages, the signal chain is extended over the whole width of the header, the logo keeps its position and size. The size of the logo and signal chain is 960 x 30 pixels.


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Christine Nolte-Dietrich

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