Pictograms help Phoenix Contact customers to grasp product features more quickly. They will be created in a language-neutral way where possible.

Pictograms are created at the Phoenix Contact head office. If necessary, please coordinate with head office.

All pictograms must be added to the image database.


Pictogram structure  

Pictogram structure

Each image consists of a background and a visually centered graphic element (iconography).

A single-line footer with additional information can be used as an option.

The pictograms are first of all created in two dimensions. A 3D perspective is then used if a pictogram cannot otherwise or can be better displayed with a 3D perspective. A pictogram with (numerical) value is only created if an iconographical depiction is harder to understand than the text.

2D pictogram without footer3D pictogram without footerPictogram (numerical) value without footer


Three-dimensional(numerical) value
Without footerPrio 1Prio 2Prio 3
2D pictogram with footer3D pictogram with footerPictogram (numerical) value with footer
Two-dimensionalThree-dimensional(numerical) value
With footerPrio 1Prio 2Prio 3

Each pictogram is created on a grid in the background. A space in this grid is defined with the “a” variable as the smallest unit. The area consists of 100 x 100 a without footer and 100 x 125 a with footer.


All pictograms are available with the minimum insert size. Smaller sizes must not be used. The respective pictogram size depends on the medium.

Pictogram without footerPictogram with footer
Without footerWith footer
Web50 x 50 px50 x 62 px
Print12.5 x 12.5 mm12.5 x 15.6 mm


The base color is the corporate color gray, as well as the color white. Hatching can be used to bring elements forward (white, width 2 a, 45° angle).

On the web, pictograms are displayed with the RGB color value 170/174/177 (Hexa: #aaaeb1).


In the pictograms, the corporate PxC GillAltOneMT font is used in the Regular and Bold font styles.

Decimal figures within a pictogram or footer are separated by a comma. Here the English writing style, which uses periods, is not adopted.

Designations within the pictogram or footer are written in capital letters. Values, properties or units are written according to the standard (mm, mm2, kV, mA, ...).

Text in footerText in pictogram
Text in footerText in pictogram
Font colorGrayWhite
Font styleRegularBold
Capital letter height15a22a
AlignmentVertically and horizontally centeredVertically and horizontally centered



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