Here you will find guidelines for photographers on how we visually translate motifs – for example people, products or architecture – at Phoenix Contact.

Group picture


Please observe the following points when photographing people:

  • Authentic: the camera is the observer.
  • Natural staging: the picture should not look staged.
  • Models: if photographing takes place at Phoenix Contact locations, Phoenix Contact employees should be portrayed if possible.
  • Camera settings: use normal to long focal lengths.
  • Picture design: specific use of blurring in the foreground and background.
  • Illumination of the location: if possible, work with existing light or low-energy flash.

All persons who appear in photos must sign a consent form pertaining to the usage rights of the photos.

Description Language Updated
Checklist photo shoot [PDF, 22 KB] English 31.05.2016


Two modes of representation are allowed for photographing architecture: at object height with the buildings or from an elevated position in the case of building landscapes.

When using wide-angle lenses, compensate converging lines with photo editing software.
Open lighting mood: look for bright locations, pleasant weather for outdoor photography.

There are detailed guidelines for photographing buildings and interiors within the Phoenix Contact Group.

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