Addressing customers and onlookers

As a general rule, trade fair presentations follow the corporate language and corporate spelling guidelines for German.

For boards and walls, that means:

  • Clear, simple texts that can be translated correctly
  • Avoid puns and wordplay; this is generally untranslatable
  • Definitely avoid abbreviations and acronyms used internally

Headlines and sub-headlines

Logos and visuals are not allowed in the headline or sub-headline.
As a general rule, both the headline and sub-headline should be filled out.
The headline in the content space may contain more detailed information, including information of a technical nature. This headline should also be filled out. Formulate the customer benefit or customer topic in the headline. The sub-headline may be phrased in promotional language and may contain a promotion title (pay attention to translatability).


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Christine Nolte-Dietrich

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