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The Scout app uses solutions that are based on the specifications in the style guide.

Start screen

Start screen  

The start screen of the Scout app is the starting point for users

The starting point for every action in the Scout app is the start screen. From there, users can access further content.

  • The horizontal panning area on the top border displays the latest products and highlights.
    • Every element represents a product or highlight
    • Every element is linked to a corresponding slide deck. Users click on the element to see the details in the slide deck.
  • Beneath this the Scout app displays the main categories. Every category is displayed as a tile. Users can explore the Phoenix Contact product range or find out more about the company.
    • To go one level deeper, the user taps a tile.
    • This takes them to the corresponding category page.

Category pages

Category pages  

A category page

Users can navigate up and down through the various levels of the hierarchy via the category pages (see figure). The left-hand main navigation menu offers various navigation options depending on the position in the hierarchy:

  • Elements that take the user one level deeper
  • Links to the slide decks
  • A combination of the two

The various nodes are identified by different symbols to make them easier to distinguish from one another. To navigate one level higher, the user clicks on the arrow symbol in the navigation bar. The Home button in the navigation bar takes users directly to the start screen from anywhere in the app.

Slide deck

Slide decks represent the lowest level in the navigation hierarchy (see figure).

To navigate one level higher, users click on the arrow symbol in the navigation bar. The Home button in the navigation bar takes users directly to the start screen.

The menu on the right-hand side contains cross-references. They open up additional information relating to the currently displayed product. The cross-references open a page on another slide deck in the navigation hierarchy.

Slide deck  

Page with slide deck (left). The same page with open cross-references (right)

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