This style guide contains guidelines for digital platforms such as PC software and applications for mobile end devices. They are deliberately general in order to cover different applications and technologies. They must be applied accordingly to the platform in question.

All projects must be based on these specifications. The style guide does not replace an exact specification of the user interface. It provides the framework for the development of future solutions.

Objectives and scope

The specifications ensure that all applications from Phoenix Contact are based on the same interaction principles and feature a uniform look and feel. This yields several advantages:

  • A uniform interface design makes the Phoenix Contact brand more recognizable. It strengthens the brand and promotes the positive perception of the applications.
  • Uniform interaction principles make Phoenix Contact applications recognizable. They make it easier for users to get to grips with new applications.
  • This style guide is based on established standards. This makes it easier to create user-friendly applications and therefore a positive experience of Phoenix Contact products.
  • The specifications cover functionality, orientation, and visual appearance. This reduces the need for customized solutions and therefore the overall workload.

Target groups

These specifications are aimed at the following target groups:

  • Interaction and screen designers who design new applications for Phoenix Contact
  • Developers who create, modify or maintain applications for Phoenix Contact
  • Technical publishers who write text for user interfaces or describe Phoenix Contact applications
  • Translators of user interfaces
  • Those interested in interaction and design rules for Phoenix Contact applications

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