This page contains image templates for use on our social media platforms. The templates are sorted by subject.

  • Corporate
  • Human resources
  • Specific topics
  • Employee presentation
  • Current announcements

Stage images for social platforms on the Internet

Stage images for social platforms on the Internet should speak to users on an emotional level. Images of people in natural surroundings are ideal for this. The following therefore applies to all stage images:

  • No texts or excessively ornate elements
  • The statement being made by the image must match the content on the page
  • The profile picture must only contain the Phoenix Contact logo on a white background

General instructions for creating photographs for Phoenix Contact can be found in the communication manuals.

Examples of the applicable content can be found in the downloads listed below.

Description Updated
Stage image for the company presentation [JPG, 0.33 MB]
When representing Phoenix Contact in your country, use photographs of employees from your subsidiary working in their usual working environment. Group photographs are permitted, provided these are of a sufficiently serious nature. If you do not have access to such images, a more general scene can be downloaded.
Stage images for human resources [JPG, 0.35 MB]
A general scene for content relating to jobs, training, studies, and careers can be downloaded. You may use specific images provided they match the content of the platform.
Stage images for personnel-related topics [JPG, 0.15 MB]
A background image can be downloaded by those who want to present themselves as Phoenix Contact employees on social platforms. A portrait of the person can be added to this if desired. This image, including the portrait, forms the stage. Here too, the profile picture must only contain the Phoenix Contact logo on a white background.
Stage images for special topics [JPG, 3.21 MB]
Specific topics require individual images with a key statement. Select a suitable scene for the topic in question.
Info flag [PSD, 0.47 MB]
A Photoshop file containing a flag is available for current announcements, in which a short, two-line message can be entered. The size and settings of this flag must not be changed.

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