Here you will find important information about using social media. You will find out how social media is used in the company and which issues should be considered for corporate communication. The social media user manual provides help with any questions regarding content and technical queries. For additional information, refer to the social media strategy in the Phoenix Contact World.

Social media guidelines

Social media (also known as Web 2.0) refers to different digital media and technology. These facilitate a variety of online interactions, most of which are performed in real time. They relate to photos, videos, opinions, questions, and user evaluations. Topics range from products, brands, and companies to personal matters.

Social media popularity is of major importance for businesses. Users talk about companies, discuss new technologies, and recommend – or advise against – products. This increases the visibility of Phoenix Contact and affects its reputation.

Employees as representatives of the company lend personality to it. The same, of course, applies on the web.

If you get involved in online discussions about Phoenix Contact or other industry-related topics, please be aware that you are representing our company to the public. Inconsiderate forum posts or inappropriate profiles in social networks (in which Phoenix Contact is mentioned as the employer) will damage the company's reputation as well as your own.

These guidelines were developed in order to protect the company and the individual employee. They will help you to communicate responsibly online. They are intended to provide assurance and support when using social media.

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Social media guidelines [PDF, 70 KB] English 01.06.2014

Social media user manual

The social media user manual explains why we use social media and gives examples of the platforms used. Furthermore, it provides important information on the guidelines that must be observed.

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Social media user manual [PDF, 37 KB] English 01.04.2016

Other guidelines

The following documents explain how hashtags should be used and the correct way to provide links on Facebook.

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#Hashtag info guidelines [PDF, 27 KB]
Information on the correct use of hashtags
English 01.04.2016
Facebook links [PDF, 0.13 MB]
The following overview shows how a link is published on Facebook.
English 01.04.2016

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