Social media has become an indispensable aspect of corporate communication. All activities on social media channels are aimed at making contact with our customers. This is why we try to interact with our fans and followers via social media. Transparency and trust are also key aspects of communication on the web. We therefore always clearly name the sender of a message.

This page provides important information on creating a social media channel. Phoenix Contact uses the following social media channels.


We are active on Xing, which enables us to position ourselves as an attractive and innovative company.

The objective is to increase the popularity of our brand and present users with a professional image of our company. We are also increasing the number of links to our website (link building).

There are currently nine active accounts. Before creating a new Xing account, please contact Corporate Marketing.

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The aim of our blog is to increase the popularity of the Phoenix Contact brand and to present ourselves as experts in our local markets.

We want to present a positive image as industry experts. We are also increasing the number of links to our website (link building) and providing an insight into everyday working life at our company.

What needs to be noted?

  • Our blog system is based on Wordpress. It is possible to adapt this to Phoenix Contact topics. The URL of the corporate blog is: Local blogs can be accessed directly from this URL.
  • A new blog can only be created within the existing system. Its structure is always the same, but it can be customized in terms of functionality.
  • Blogs use the following naming convention: This is a technical URL. The Marketing URL is created via the website and then published.
  • A description can be found under the “About Phoenix Contact” navigation point. The text is in English.
  • The Wordpress theme determines the key graphical elements. The images are incorporated as a link from the media database. Image sizes 220 pixels x variable and 660 pixels x variable can be used.

A request to create a new blog must always be submitted to Corporate Marketing.

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