Online ads

Templates are available for download (PSD files) for common standard formats. The banners are made up of various elements: figure, headline, body text, Phoenix Contact logo, and link booster. The positions and sizes of these elements are specified. The maximum number of characters for headlines (40 characters) and body text (140 characters) must not be exceeded. Copy text and link boosters are not used in small formats. For special formats, use the template with the closest proportions.

The entire area of the banner must be clickable and the aim of the conversation must be to provide the user with informative added value. Here, the link booster text helps to encourage the reader to click, e.g., “Discover more” or “Sign up”.

Banners can also be animated, whereby the playback duration should be limited to a maximum of 5 seconds. The Phoenix Contact logo is not animated.

The positioning of the image, headline, flowing text, and link boosters can vary, whereby the basic layout of the template should be retained.

Description Language Updated
Templates for online ads [ZIP, 0.29 MB] English 03.05.2019
Examples of online ads [ZIP, 1.03 MB] English 03.05.2019

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