Copy tone

Use active voice instead of passive

Whenever possible, replace instances of the verb “to be” with stronger verbs.

The radio transmits the data back to the main control station.The data is transmitted by the wireless modules back to the main control station.
This new device easily integrates into existing systems.This new device is easily integrated into existing systems.

Use simple words or terms whenever possible

Start, beginCommence

Remove unnecessary words and phrases

Some, manyA number of
ToAs a means of
NowAt the present time

Be specific


Superlatives must be backed up by evidence

Avoid using unproven superlatives. They may be seen as false advertising promises or become outdated. When using a superlative, provide supporting technical facts and always check whether they are up-to-date.

Social Media

Additional rules for social media

As in all areas of internal and external communication, the rules governing English spelling, company-specific terminology, and written style also apply to the publication of social media content. Before publishing social media content, make sure that the content is proofread by a second person. 



Do not use special characters or spaces, or write words separately, within hashtags. Terms that are usually written separately should be written as one word. Example: #Industrie40 


Prefix “E-”

In social media communication, the prefix “E-” used to abbreviate “electro-” or “electronic” is written in lowercase without a dash (eMobility). In all other contexts, the prefix is uppercase with a dash (E-Mobility). 


Live communication

In order to ensure realtime communication and the greatest possible authenticity, there is no secondary review for live communication on social media channels (e.g., at a trade fair). In contexts other than live events, postings are prepared well in advance and edited accordingly.

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