Heat supply facilities

  • Administration areas: heating via panel radiators with continually adjustable electronic actuator
  • Production and warehouse areas: fan heaters with EC motors and actuators (ON/OFF).
  • Room-temperature regulation via building services management system

Sanitary facilities

  • Fixtures and fittings of the sanitation facilities are to be in accordance with the German standard.
  • Administration areas: washbasins to be under-counter washbasins
  • Production areas: individual washbasins or washbasin rows
  • Individual WCs to be partitioned via room-high closed drywalls.

Fire extinguishing systems and sprinkler systems

  •     Based on the fire protection concept
  •     In accordance with legal/local requirements
  •     Administration areas: sprinkler heads as undercover sprinklers
  •     Production and warehouse areas: sprinkler heads visible

Air-conditioning systems

  • Ventilation via:
    • Central units with heat registers
    • Heat recovery
    • Cooling registers
  • Administration, production, and warehouse areas: fixed air exchange rates
  • Meeting rooms: variable flow regulators and CO₂ sensors
  • Control of ventilation systems via building services management system

Cooling systems

  •     Cooling via cooling ceilings or cooling beams
  •     2-conductor system with continuously adjustable electronic actuators
  •     Administration areas: condensation monitor
  •     Production and warehouse areas: air circulation cooling devices with EC motors and actuators (ON/OFF).
  •     Room-temperature regulation via building services management system


  • Administration areas: lighting with LED lights, depending on design of the ceiling construction:
    • Recessed lights
    • Suspended lights
  • Production and warehouse areas:
    • Strip light systems with LED technology
    • Surface-mounted lights with LED technology
  • Lighting control via DALI bus system, which is integrated into the building services management system.                           

Transmission networks

  • Data integration of individual data distributors:
    • Star-shaped with fiber optics in multi mode and single mode from a central server room
    • Bandwidth of up to 10 Gb
  • Entire data and telephone network cabling as a shielded system
    • Cat. 7 cables
    • Type cat. 6a data sockets
  • Bandwidth of up to 1 Gb at the workstations

Building automation

  • Control and monitoring of the lighting, sun shading, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems
  • Phoenix Contact DDC system
  • Integration of field devices via latest technology, such as EnOcean, ​BAC-Net​, DALI, M-Bus, Modbus, etc.
  • Building automation communication in an autonomous transmission network
  • Visualization for the monitoring and control of systems via control computer

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