Office furniture

Like the architecture, the interior should convey a technical feel. The design is functional and surfaces are uncolored. Furniture styles are always the same, regardless of organization or hierarchy.

In executive management offices there is a more generous setup: a freestanding conference table and special seating according to management tasks.


There are no legs on the corners of desks and conference tables. A centrally-positioned cross beam with feet on each side forms the substructure. The cross beam is lacquered.

Table tops are made of laminate, are only 12 mm thick and do not have an edge veneer. Tables should be both aesthetically light and highly functional.


Cupboards, sideboards and filing cabinets are made of aluminum-colored, lacquered steel. They have black sliding doors.


Phoenix Contact chairs have a functional design with the following characteristics:

  • Thin cushioning
  • Grey upholstery
  • Small arm rests
  • Lacquered frame

Ergonomics and health are central considerations for desk chairs. Cantilever chairs are used for office conference purposes.


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