Indirect lighting is preferred in office areas. Suspended pendant lights offer this - light is reflected off the ceiling into the room. The room is evenly illuminated with this option and reflections from monitors are avoided. The number of lights required is dependent on the workplace guidelines of the respective country. Light fittings are lacquered white and may alternatively also partially emit direct light.

Entrance area

The entrance, corridors and showrooms have built-in downlights. These can be square or round lights with energy-saving globes. In general, all lights should emit a neutral white light.

Switches and buttons

White switches are used for normal individual offices. In rooms accessible to the public, glass or aluminum-colored light switches can be used.

If many power circuits are to be used, machine control system switches can also be used. In show conference and meeting rooms touch panels are installed with which all lights, airconditioning, dimmers, projectors etc. can be controlled.

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