Floor coverings

Entrance area

Natural stone is an aesthetic and robust material for building areas with high traffic such as the lobby, showroom or company canteen.


A raised floor is ideal in new buildings, as all cables can be easily laid and changed. A raised floor is commonly laid out on gray needled felt, a durable and long-lasting floor covering.


Walkways without raised floors or infrastructure rooms can be laid with a PVC covering:

  • Color: RAL 7005, mouse Grey
  • Surface: smooth, no pattern
  • Texture: fine-grained, max. 1 mm diameter


Production halls

This is usually a concrete floor, designed as an industrial floor screed. To improve wear resistance or appearance, it can be painted gray (RAL 7038). Alternatively, oil-proof asphalt slabs can be laid.


Ceramic tiles are used here. They are arranged longitudinally, i.e. the longer tile edges run vertically. The tiles used must meet the following specifications:

  • Color: RAL 7035 light grey
  • Size: 30 x 40 cm
  • Design: uniform, no pattern

Do not use inserts or metallic borders. This excludes metal strips used for edge protection during construction.


Special floors

Canteen and lounge room floors, kitchen or laboratory areas have special floor requirements (e.g., non-slip surfaces, chemical resistance) which must be taken into account.

  • plain-colored, grey
  • unpatterned
  • a light shade

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