Building logo

It is a CI requirement that each Phoenix Contact company have a standard building logo.


The logo should be in landscape format on a white sign. The logo script is black and backlit at night. This sign is standard for all subsidiaries.

If required, the production location may be indicated in a subheading. This subheading is not to be backlit.

Wall and roof logo

3D wall logos at prominent positions are also to be considered. As on the sign, the logo is black and backlit at night.

Logos for signs and walls are available from headquarters, Corporate Marketing.


There are three flag masts at the main entry of the company location. The middle mast is 0.5 m higher than the outer masts. The respective national flag flies on the middle mast. The left mask is for the Phoenix Contact CI flag. The regional flag flies from the right mast. When overseas delegations visit, swap this last flag for the flag of the visiting delegation’s country.


Rolf Stanislawski
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Elke Nolte
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Petra Baumann
+49 5235 3-41102