Building entry

The three fundamental characteristics of the entrance are

  • bright atmosphere
  • modern interior
  • welcoming hospitality


Information desk

An information desk stands in the center of the entry area. Its size and design should match building characteristics.

World Globe Display

A display in the reception area shows the locations of Phoenix Contact worldwide. This display is available from headquarters, Corporate Marketing, and is updated from time to time.

Aerial photo

A large aerial view of the Blomberg headquarters should be displayed in the entrance or in an adjoining area. This gives visitors an impression of the size and significance of the headquarters. The display can be laminated and mounted or, even better, displayed as a slide and backlit. Display construction is to be carried out in consultation with headquarters, Corporate Marketing.

Corporate Principles

The core of our company strategy is integrated in our corporate vision, mission and culture and is available in the form of a wall display at all subsidiaries. Our corporate principles constitute a key element of the entry area and of the General Manager offices. Further display items can be set up in conference rooms. Displays are always assembled as a set, each with versions in English and the local language.

Corporate Principles principles are also available from Corporate Marketing.


Lounge suite

The entire furnished interior should have a functional style. Important selection criteria are a angular design and discreet covers. The suite shown in the example is available for ordering from the furniture program of Blomberg headquarters, under the term ‘cubic lounge suite.’ As an alternative, appropriate furniture may be purchased locally.

Entry screen

Showing videos about the company and its products in the entry area provides visitors their first impression of Phoenix Contact. The company standard is a plasma screen with a 50" diagonal screen size, hung from the ceiling or placed on a stand. The program provided by Communication Services is the video sampler ‘Showroom DVD.’


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