A standardized appearance and high recognition value are part and parcel of the Phoenix Contact Group brand. To ensure our buildings reflect this as well, three different building classes have been created and specified.

Distinguishing features have been worked out and defined based on three cost groups: building construction, technical systems, and outdoor facilities. The furnishing of office and meeting rooms, for example, is also described.

Although the three building classes are regarded as a blueprint for the entire group, they relate primarily to self-investment. The influences on rental properties are adjusted as far as is feasibly possible to the standards defined in the manual. Similarly, country-specific conditions and cultural influences are taken into consideration, so long as they do not affect the specified style.

Building classification

  1. Essential Line: solid and function-oriented concept; oriented to the local building regulations taking the corporate identity into consideration; concentration on a cost-optimized construction through the use of local materials
  2. Classic Line: contemporary design, ensures long-term flexible use with recognized building technology; building concept with limited prestige functions
  3. Excellence Line: innovative and future-oriented design, dedicated customer focus; company representation and product portfolio presentation; presented as a reference building

The preferred materials in Phoenix Contact architecture are metal, glass, and concrete. Discreet white and gray tones are used in the facade designs. The style is cubic: floor plans, walls, and windows are rectangular, the roof areas are horizontal.

Details on the individual building classes are to be found in the respective linked PowerPoint presentation.

Costs reference

*) Reference:
Location Blomberg – Construction cost index version 2017

Cost categories included:
(200) Preparing & developing + (300) Building – construction + (400) Building – technical systems + (500)   Outdoor area

Not included:
(100) Plot of land + (600) Furnishings and works of art + (700) Ancillary building costs

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