For the typography, Phoenix Contact's company font GillOneMT is used. The main line of the typography is presented in size 44, while the sub-line is size 34. Where possible, a maximum of one sub-line is displayed. Typography is only used in the innovation room, as it can be clearly identified and easily read here against the white-gray background.

Technical description

Main line

  • Typography displayed from frame 0 - 10 (11 frames).
  • The keyframes are set with “Ease In” and “Ease Out”.
  • The Gaussian Blur is animated from frame 0 - 15 (16 frames)
  • In doing so, the blurriness is reduced from 20.0 to 0.0.
  • Keyframe 0 is linear. Keyframe 15 is set with “Ease In”.



  • In the case of sub-lines, the keyframes are delayed by five frames.
  • Sub-line displayed from frame 5 - 15.
  • The Gaussian Blur is animated from frame 5 - 20.
  • All other values are the same as for the main line.
  • To hide the lines, everything takes place in reverse order.
  • The sub-line appears, five frames later the main line is displayed.

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