Various types of light are used in different environments, in order to provide an authentic and realistic atmosphere throughout. Such lights create an inviting, open, and spacious environment.

Light in the innovation room

The innovation room is illuminated in the same way throughout. The consistent illumination of the walls and the bright surfaces make the room appear larger than it is. In the area of the illuminated surfaces, soft contrasts and shadows are used. The audience's attention is therefore drawn to the protagonists and the objects in the room, which are gently lit.

Light in the worlds of applications

In worlds of applications, we distinguish between indoor and outdoor scenes. In outdoor scenes, we use a bright, sunny light. The objects cast clear shadows through the sunlight, which provide effective contrasts in the particularly bright environment. In outdoor scenes, we can see the sky which appears blue and summery. If numerous near-ground perspectives are displayed with a high proportion of the sky visible, a simple cloud structure will be seen in the sky to break up the consistent blue a little.

In indoor scenes, depending on the application, we use mixed light or artificial light. In order to also create a sunny, friendly atmosphere here, we use an area where sunlight can shine into the room from outside through a window. The sunlight creates clear shadows, which also generate contrasts here. In addition to the incoming sunlight, gentle light sources also ensure consistent illumination. Similarly to the innovation room, the rooms therefore appear spacious, open, and inviting.

In rooms which do not gain any sunlight, only gentle light sources are used. This type of illumination produces soft shadows and contrasts which do not appear flat. Clear lines and boundaries are formed between objects. The light is bright and enables the rooms to be pleasantly illuminated from afar.


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