The standard format for Phoenix Contact adverts is 1/1-page (210 x 297 mm). Adverts are also available in 1/2-page landscape or portrait format.

The advert is divided into four areas. This enables the topic and message to be quickly grasped.

  1. Large image (its message corresponds to the headline)
  2. Small image (optional)
  3. Text (headline, sub-headline, and flowing text)
  4. Logo with signal chain


  • Advert in 210 x 297 mm format (1/1-page)
  • Advert in 105 x 297 mm format (1/2-page portrait)
  • Advert in 210 x 145 mm format (1/2-page landscape)


Description Language Updated
PxC template ads de [ZIP, 4.92 MB] German 25.07.2017
PxC template ads en [ZIP, 4.91 MB] English 25.07.2017
PxC template ads es [ZIP, 4.9 MB] Spanish 25.07.2017
Example PxC ads [ZIP, 0.95 MB] International 25.07.2017

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Christine Nolte-Dietrich

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