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Shielded SACC connectors with fast connection technology


SACC M12 connector

[4810] The shielded M12 connectors with IDC fast connection technology from Phoenix Contact enable rapid assembly with easy preparation of the conductors and easy-to-handle connectors.

The connectors consist of just two components. In the case of shielded conductors, only the outer sheath and the braid is removed; the litz wires remain intact.                             

The connector offers a wide connection range from 0.14 mm² to 0.75 mm². In addition, the maximum conductor external diameter has been extended to 9.7 mm. This means that almost all available signal and data lines can be assembled in the field. The individual wire colors are standardized according to the cable type and must be assigned in the connection area. These colors are reflected in the connection area with color coding and numerical coding. All common codings such as A, B, D, and X are available for signal and data transmission up to 10 Gbps.

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