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Space-saving micro terminal blocks with Push-in connection


MP 1,5 micro terminal blocks

[4964] For convenient wiring in a confined space and variable mounting options, Phoenix Contact offers the new MP 1,5 micro terminal blocks with Push-in connection technology for the small NS 15 DIN rail.

This therefore accommodates the increasing miniaturization in machine building and switchgear and control cabinet manufacturing. The connection capacity is 0.14 mm² to 1.5 mm².

Designed in accordance with standard DIN EN 60998-1/VDE 0613-1, the compact MPI potential distribution blocks, which do not require a DIN rail, are specifically intended for building installation.

With their test openings, the micro terminal blocks provide a testing option at every terminal point. Furthermore, every terminal point can be marked using self-adhesive marker strips, thereby ensuring that the wiring is clear.

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