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Two new solutions for string combiners


String combiner box

[4868] Phoenix Contact now offers two new innovative solutions for photovoltaic systems: the string combiner box (SCB) for 1500 V is designed for systems with system voltages up to 1500 V.

It can be used to collect and distribute string currents as well as to provide protection against dangerous lightning currents and surge voltages for 1500 V technology, which is becoming increasingly important. The components specifically developed for this technology are installed in an intelligent SCB that has been tailor-made for individual applications.

The compact string combiner box with external string fuse now also features an integrated power supply. This arrangement allows for a compact design, very low temperature development inside the control box, and operation under extreme ambient conditions. The monitoring system with built-in DC/DC converter is supplied directly from the system voltage for the photovoltaic system. With the compact version, you can reduce mounting and installation costs significantly during installation. The external string fuses can be replaced quickly and easily as required, without using any special tools, due to the spring connection technology. Furthermore, the compact SCB also performs tasks such as collecting and distributing string currents, providing protection against damage caused by surge voltages, and monitoring the performance of the system.

These intelligent solution concepts from Phoenix Contact ensure the high performance and availability of the photovoltaic system. Both control boxes help to further reduce the overall system costs for these systems. These solutions from Phoenix Contact therefore bring us one step closer to making solar energy a cost-effective alternative to power generation from fossil fuels.

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