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High-performance controller for wind turbines


Axiocontrol AXC 3050

[4773] The Axiocontrol AXC 3050 controller from Phoenix Contact provides optimum conditions for use in the Wind Energy industry.

Thanks to the fast processing speed, complex control tasks can be reliably processed. Functions such as fast counters and event tasks are integrated directly in the controller. They enable short response times without the use of special I/O terminals. The robust housing built to EMC specifications is particularly suited to use in wind turbines and even works in the challenging environment of an offshore wind farm.

To create local stations, e.g., in the hub or the nacelle, the modules of the Axioline F I/O system can be connected to the modular controller in line with requirements. The AXC 3050 can be easily connected into existing farm networks via three Ethernet interfaces and extended by further distributed I/O terminals. The user has the choice between the communication protocols Profinet, TCP/IP, UDP or Modbus/TCP, whereby the controller functions as a Profinet controller as well as a Profinet device. A USB connection ensures easy data logging on removable media and that the control program can be updated conveniently. In the event of voltage failures, the Axiocontrol PLC automatically backs up the control data of your application on the flash card.

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