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Robust I/O system classified for shipbuilding


Axioline F I/O system for shipbuilding

[4754] Due to the low interference emission of EMC Class B as well its mechanical robustness, the Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact meets the high demands of automation in shipbuilding.

This is why the I/O system has now received the approval of all major maritime classification societies. It is particularly suitable for shipbuilding, for example, thanks to the the obtainment of the BSH certificate after passing the compass test. This certificate makes it possible to install an I/O station only a few centimeters away from sensitive standard magnetic compasses. The new XC versions of the I/O system also offer an increased operating temperature range of -40 to +70°C and lacquered printed-circuit boards. They are therefore particularly suitable for use in the harsh environment of engine rooms.

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