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Gunther Olesch is Director of the E-Mobility Training Conference 2015 in Berlin


Gunther Olesch

Prof. Gunther Olesch, Executive Vice President of Phoenix Contact, has been the Chairman of the work group for training and qualification within the National Platform for E-Mobility since 2014.

As part of this role, he is now taking over management of the national E-Mobility Training Conference which takes place from February 23 - 24, 2015 in Berlin. The two-day event is being opened by Prof. Johanna Wanka, the Federal Minister of Education and Research.

Training and qualification are the core topics of the National Platform for E-Mobility (NPE). The work group of educational experts from trade, industry, associations, universities and public authorities analyzes and evaluates the current state of the German university landscape and the professional training opportunities in the field of E-Mobility. The objective is to achieve a high degree of qualification for specialists at all levels in order to become a lead supplier in E-Mobility with technological products and process innovations. In his key note, Olesch therefore discussed the expertise required to make specialists successful.

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